Busy & Sticky

We are deep into summer flow - things are moving fast and furious thanks to an ideal rhythm of rain and heat that keep the forage for our bees blooming.

Summer build up and splits.

Summer build up and splits.

This year is our second year of ‘big’ production and the learning has been the same proverbial fire hose of lessons that can temporarily douse my enthusiasm for this new chosen profession. Yet, I wake up the next day to the sun shining and I can’t wait to get in the hives again.

Key to any effort is making the best decision with what I have learned and taking the time to do what I think is right. Sometimes it works and sometimes I learn. Knowing that the learning curve is more years than I have keeps me from being complacent in my efforts.

Being in the thick and sticky of it is exciting and invigorating. It is also tiresome and frustrating at times. Learning is not just about the hive it is also about the myself and taking a step back to enjoy the beauty of all that surrounds me, a literal time out to appreciate nature and nurture the soul.

We have a ways to go this season and I begin my days with the sage wisdom of the Stoics and gratitudes for a life lived well.

Michael Crape