Fall Days

Sunset at the end of a fall day. 

Sunset at the end of a fall day. 

Fall days and getting ready for winter.

It is always difficult to say goodbye to summer however what better way than moving into fall. Crops are off, the skies are beautiful and the temperatures crisp. It is when we get our garden and our girls ready for a long winter’s rest.

Today was spent compressing the hives in our north beeyard. We remove unused space, making sure the brood nest is healthy and fill every other space with honey to keep the bees nourished during their long winter confined to the hive.

Bees cluster in the hive during winter months and consume the honey left in the hive. The colony will consume between 60 and 80 pounds of honey between now and spring flow.

With the hives compressed we monitor them closely and wait until we see sustained low temperatures in the forecast then we add insulation to the sides, top and bottom of the hives. We also ensure adequate ventilation to reduce moisture in the hive.

We will rest well once we know our girls are settled and given everything they need to stay strong until the spring.

Michael Crape