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Since 2014 we have been building on a dream of providing locally sourced food for the Calgary Market. Starting with our urban garden at our home we have been growing produce and raising bees to determine what does best in Calgary. Over the past two years we grown our apiaries focusing on production products from the hive.


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Our goal is sustainable practices and self-sufficiency. We use cultural management, chemical free treatment and selective breeding to meet the challenges of our local environmental conditions, pests and diseases, as well we locate our hives in areas of diverse forage sources.  Over the past three seasons we have grown our apiary from five urban colonies to over 70 rural colonies. This year we have focused on raising queen stock for expansion and replacement that focuses on traits lead to sustainability. These traits are hygienics related to pests and disease, gentleness and production.


Each of our bee yards are located in different environments, away from mono-crops, with diverse forage for the bees including a river environment, pasture and wetlands. The taste profiles of the honey reflect the nectar sources of each of these areas. Honey is available for purchase in 500g, 1kg and 3kg containers. Shop here.


Greens &



We started our vegetable garden to have local and easy access to fresh produce. Over time, our garden has expanded from a small corner to over 1400 sq ft of growing area, and we are thrilled to have enough volume that we can share the produce with others.

We experiment with heirloom, open-pollinated seed and organic practices to find non-typical vegetables that grows best in Calgary's demanding conditions. Some species like dwarf leafy kale and Bassano beets have found a permanent place on our list. Others, like the Minnesota midget melon, get tested in different parts of our yard to see if we can have better success. 

We also grow heirloom vegetables such as the cocozelle zucchini, Thibodeau de Comte Beauce bush beans and Pennsylvania Dutch popcorn.


Hardy favourites available from our urban farm include kales, chards, and lettuces. We have a strong planting of Chinook, Cascade, and East Kent Golding hops, which we use in our home-brew.


Beets grow well in our environment - this year we have Bassano and bull's blood beets. We also have a variety of garlic and carrots.